Wednesday, 10 August 2016

1/48 Bronco Staghound Mk. I Pukeko NZ Divisional Cavalry Regiment Italy 1944

My first bit of 1/48 armour in a while. 

This the Bronco Staghound MK 1. It is a very detailed kit, perhaps too much so in some place for 1/48 scale.

I'm quite happy with the finish on the Staghound itself, but I'm not sure if the figure adds or detracts to the piece.

The figure is the Universal Carrier driver from the Tamiya 1/48 British Infantry set modified with a new beret and a bottle . He's scales out to about 1.6m (63 inches/ 5.2 ft)  so he's a short arse . But the photos do make it look worse because he's twice the size in the photos as he is in real life (34mm) and the Staghound is a quite a tall large vehicle.

Onto the details.

The Kit
1/48 Bronco Staghound Mk I / Canadian lb Rocket Version


Bits and pieces from Blackdog, Tamiya, Verlinden.

Painted with

Gunze Lacquer Hemp
Tamiya  Nato Black

Tamiya Gloss Coats
Testors Dullcoate 
Vallejo acrylics for the details/stowage  

Weathered with

Oil washes

AK Enamel Products  

The Base

The base is made from pine, the ground cover is plaster and the vegetation is mainly Joefix Studio's.

Build threads

The Photos

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Workbench and Paintshop Videos

I've done a couple of short videos showing where I do my modelling and where I do the airbrushing.

Apologies for the quality, as I only had my phone to use.



Sunday, 10 July 2016

Camden Museum of Aviation Visit 2013

The Camden Museum of Aviation is one of the largest privately owned collections of military aircraft in the southern hemisphere with 22 aircraft, 200 engines and other military items on display.

The Camden Museum of Aviation, located on the outskirts of Sydney, is a private owned collection of military aircraft, engines and even some armour. It's not open to the public in the normal sense (ie. you can just rock up , pay an entry fee and enter) but it is possible can organise a visit.

In 2013 our modelling club organised a visit, and I've finally got around to doing the photos.

The collection contains some significant aircraft, in particular the worlds only complete Vultee  A-31 Vengeance, along with a DAP  Mk 21 Beaufighter.

The museum does have everything under cover , which is great but it does mean there was stuff in stacked everywhere and decent  photos are hard to get. I have heard they are working at reorganising the layout to better display the aircraft they have.

For more details on the museum , check out their website 

Anyway, onto the photos. Hopefully these will be of interest to you, or if modelling one of these subjects, they may be useful. These images are about 500-600kb each so loading may take some time

Vultee A-31 Vengeance DB-72 Mk 1 EZ999

Beaufighter 156 Mk 21 A8-186

Beaufighter (cockpit) 156 Mk 21 A8-386

Beaufort (cockpit) Mk 8 A9-703

Mosquito DH 98 HR621

Gannet A.S. Mk 1 XA334

Wirraway C.A.-16 Mk 3 A20-685

Sea Fury F.B. MkII VW647

Meteor F. Mk 8 A77-868

Sea Venom DH-112 F(AW) Mk 53 WZ907

Sioux B47G-3B1 A1-410


Sycamore 171 Mk 4 (HR51) XR592

Canberra (cockpit) Mk 20 A84-209

Some views of the Hangar

A Buffalo

There's a Malilda under there

Vampire and Sea Venom cockpits

What looks like a Spitfire seat

Nice Camel model